This is AFRICA

We are now in Tanzania! We are staying in a lovely resort, in our chalet. It is very comfortable. We have our own little patio in the back!



Today we had a fantastic introduction to our African journey. We got out of our jeep and spent hours walking through flatlands and the jungles seeing giraffes, zebra, hundreds of flamingos, monkeys, buffalo, baboons, etc. There is something special about being 15 ft away from a family of towering giraffes with nothing in between us, and having front row seats to watch them race across the savannah.

Do not worry that we will be eaten/bitten/rammed/clawed/trampled by the wild animals. They take precautions here to keep us safe…. By precautions we mean sending us with a Ranger carrying an assault rifle.

We also saw Kilimanjaro ‘s little sister Mount Meru. It is HUGE, by far the largest mountain we have ever seen…. And yet almost 1500m shorter than Kili. Later in the day the clouds cleared a bit and we saw Kilimanjaro…. 150km away. It was not a silhouette in the distance hugging the horizon, instead we had to look up, straight into the sky way above the highest clouds… AND WE STILL COULDNT SEE THE TOP! Very intimidating!

Food is the other thing that people ask us about. We are very well fed. For lunch we had a sandwich, banana, cooked banana, 4 biscuits, pineapple juice (only one of us drank this), all the water we could drink, a bag of chips, Cadbury Milk Chocolate, and 2 other items that we were to full to eat. Our company makes lunches for many of the safari companies, this makes us confident that we picked the right guys to keep us well fed.

We have lots of stories to tell, but they will have to wait until we return home.

After we came back to the hotel this evening, our company sent over their agent and our trek leader to brief us on our climb and answer any of our questions. We made sure everything is set for tomorrow. We will be heading off to Kilimanjaro early in the morning after breakfast. Wish us luck!

We will be out of reach for a week. Place your bets on whether we will make it to the top or not! You will find out in a week.

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