Mountain Trekking

No trip of ours would be complete without emerging ourselves within nature. Today we went mountain trekking at Dragon Back Peak. Named because the silhouette mimics the scales on a dragon’s back, with very steep peaks followed by sharp drops, over and over again. The mountain is made of crystallized quartz. It is the largest Quartz mountain in the world. It was tough. Technically very challenging, rated a 4. Anything higher requires harnesses, picks, etc. Lots of sections required all 4 limbs, using our hands to pull ourselves up and pushing off on our legs. We had gloves on, but it didn’t offer enough protection as the rocks easily tore through them as we would pull up on the crystal points. There were amazing views. The ridge is very narrow. Turn your head to the right and you get a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. Turn your head to the left and you see unending jungle. The trek was through dense jungle forest. The biggest challenge was the humidity. The air is very thick here and makes climbing difficult and the ground very, very slippery. By the end of our trek, we were covered in mud, and drenched in sweat….good thing we brought a towel and a change of clothes. Below you can see the view of the upcoming peaks that we climbed taken from the peak of one of the earlier dragon scale. The big one at the end required ropes to climb.



The biggest surprise was our unexpected meeting with our new friend….A gibbon ape (although they are often mistakenly called monkeys). He’s a baby, that wandered into the village at the base of the mountain. He hangs around the village, but is still wild. He saw our guide coming and for some reason jumped off his palm tree and hopped towards us!. He liked us and we played with him. He liked when we pet him, and played with his velvety soft hands. Our guide stated he has never seen something like this ever! He usually sees the gibbons in the distance swinging treetop to treetop. There are not like the wild monkeys in India that are humanized and take advantage of travellers – stealing food wherever possible. As we turned our backs and walked back to our SUV, the baby monkey would follow. Whenever we turned around, he would stop in his tracks and pretend like he didn’t see us. This kept going on. Amazing experience, too bad we can’t take him home with us! DSC01892 DSC01893 DSC01883

We started the trek early in the morning, leaving at 630am. Too hot to do activities in the afternoon, so mornings and evenings are the busy times to do things in Kuala Lumpur. Afternoons are deserted. All of this adventure, and were back at our hotel by 1pm! Now its time to relax with some massages.

One thought on “Mountain Trekking

  1. Hi we are glad you are having fun thanks for telling everything it feels we are there have a good tip lots love from us.

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