Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a place you can go over and over and over again and still find new things to do!

We first visited the Harbour on our first full day in Australia. We set out early and as we walked through the city we saw rows and rows of cafes and restaurants on the pedestrian streets leading to the Harbour. We stopped for some excellent gelato. Perfect for the sunny morning.

The Harbour itself was magnificent site. On the one side, there was the Harbourfront shopping centre, casino, maritime museum and giant ferris wheel on the waters edge, and on the opposite side of the Harbour was Sea Life Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney Zoo – today’s destination. While walking by the water, passing even more restaurants putting out tables and chairs outside preparing for the crowds ahead – we snapped many photos of the Harbour.

Wild Life was a small zoo. Featuring local animals only, it was a great introduction to the region. We saw kangaroos, snakes, tasmanian devils, and many, many more animals. They had a “walk with the kangaroo” exhibit, but when we went out into the enclosure, all the kangaroos were on the complete opposite end of the walking path – probably having enough human contact for the time being. The highlight was taking our picture with the resident koalas, including the two infants. They have a strict no touching policy – which is probably for the best – but regardless you can get right next to them safely. Contrary to the rumours I’ve heard, they don’t smell bad at all.



Sea Life was a nice aquarium. They have a great Antarctic Penguin exhibit, where by boat, you can get a closer look to there 6 degree icy habitat. All the sea life were local – including jelly fish, the two resident dugongs, sharks and many, many more. It was great walking through the glass tunnel watching sharks and rays swim all around us. The tanks are simply massive and many divers were around cleaning and maintaining the habitats which is always great to see.

We spent the rest of our time at the Harbour eating wonderful food before heading back to our place to get some rest. Jet lag was still making an appearance.













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