Royal Botanical Gardens

We spent our second full day in Australia venturing out a little further. We took the subway – which was fairly easy to navigate – and headed to Circular Quay, home of the famous Sydney Opera House.

Arriving in the morning, it wasn’t very busy and we got great uninterrupted photos in front of the iconic Opera House. It truly is grand, sitting on top of endless stairs.

Sadly the Quay wasn’t as spectacular as Darling Harbour. Restaurants and cafe’s were present but not to the degree they were at Darling Harbour, and the crowds were very different. Much more of a tourist vibe with the giant cruise ship in dock.

Australia 2016

We didn’t stop inside the Opera House, instead today’s destination was right next door at the Royal Botanical Gardens, housing kilometres of walking trails throughout the various gardens.


The Gardens themselves were very nice. Walking paths going up and down various areas or alongside the water’s edge, you can get lost in this giant park. The only downside was the lack of food options. The one cafe didn’t have many options and the restaurant was closed for a private event. Nothing else on site – not even an ice cream cart!

As a result, we didn’t spend as long as we thought we would here, as our stomachs had other plans.




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