Sydney – Our Arrival

We touched down in Sydney, Australia after an almost 16 hour flight! We were overjoyed to get off the plane to say the least.

After going through customs and collecting our luggage, we exited looking for our driver. We had arranged a maxi-taxi pickup (maxi-taxi’s are van like taxis) to ensure we were travelling comfortably with all of our luggage. Our driver was nowhere to be found. We called the company and without even asking my name, told me the driver had almost arrived.

After waiting another 20 minutes, and still no driver, we decided to head to the taxi stand to try our luck there in getting a maxi-taxi. While waiting for our original driver, we purchased some local sim cards. In doing our research before hand, Telstra mobile, had the largest and fastest mobile network.

To our delight we had no trouble getting a maxi taxi and off we were to our hotel apartment.

Our first few days in Sydney were a delight. We spent our first full day at Darling Harbour. We enjoyed the area so much that we kept coming back!

I’ll post about some of our adventures in Sydney soon!






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