Road Trip

Today we headed out on our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. A drive which can be completed over a day, we are stretching into a week to get us a true feel of the Australian coast.

One of the very concerns people had beforehand when hearing about our road trip plans were how comfortable we would be with driving on the left side of the road. Truly, it only takes a short while to wrap one’s head around it and the rest becomes natural. The hardest part I find is lane positioning. Driving and viewing the road from the new position just adjacent to the right boundary of the lane is the oddest part, and I often find myself drifting closer to  the middle or left side of the lane to the familiar driving view from right sided driving countries.

The next week will be filled with stops in smaller coastal towns and taking in the sites along the way. We planned a coastal route along the ocean, which takes longer, but we are hopeful the views will more than make up for it.

Upon leaving Sydney, we headed towards our destination in Nowra. We took a detour to see the Sea Cliff Bridge. Offering great views, there is an area to park just before and after the bridge and also a pedestrian walkway coursing the entire length of the bridge. This really allows you to take in the view.



If this view is any indication of what’s in store, we cant wait to see what’s next! After spending the night in Nowra, we are off to enjoy the beaches of Jervis Bay.

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