The Beach

The second day of the our road trip is meant to be about relaxation. We headed towards Jervis Bay to enjoy the white sand beaches. We drove past the coastal town of Huskisson and towards the tiny seaside town of Hyams. Our destination is Hyams Beach, famous for the white sand.

The great thing about the Australian coast is the shear number of beachfront miles. Beaches are bordered by more beaches. Right next to the busy Hyams beach, is a lesser known white sand beach, untouched with clear waters and away from the droves of people. We spend a lot of time here strolling the beach and climbing the dead coral rocls from years past.


We left the area in search of lunch and then headed to Pebbly’s beach, just outside the oceanside town of Bateman’s Bay. Pebbly beach, aptly named, isn’t as popular but what brought us here are the dozens and dozens of kangaroos that come here every morning and evening .

On our drive towards the beach, we took a turn off the holiday and followed an access road through the forest as a shortcut. While driving through the forest, we saw our first kangaroo along the road. It quickly jumped into the forest as we approached and off into the dense vegetation.

We didn’t time things very well. We arrived at Pebbly mid afternoon in the blistering sun. We thought we would stay on the beach and await the sun to go down and the swarms of kangaroos to emerge out of the forest and onto the beach. What we didn’t expect was the countless number of flies buzzing around. Not to surprising given that there was kangaroo dung EVERYWHERE along the walk to the beach.

With the heat and the flies, we didn’t think it was worth waiting to see the kangaroos and headed out towards Bateman’s Bay where we will spend the night. I’m sure we will come across more kangaroos on our journey. Our goal is to see both wild kangaroos and koalas. Any wombats would just be a bonus!






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